Deprivation Trauma, A Transpersonal Approach To Healing

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Answer: A Memoir is more than a memoir when (one) you also learn about Consciousness and (two) how to use that consciousness to reach your greatest human potential.

    Join me as I retrace historical milestones in the development of transpersonal psychology and the study of consciousness.

    Loose yourself in "Fay’s Stories" of a battered child who holds on to her own truth that there is more to life than her present circumstances. Then regain your own personal power and physical health by following my 12 simple steps of transcendence. Reach for the real growth that comes through the awareness of looking at life at the soul level.

    And along the way I ask for you to reach back into your past for the growth lesson that life is trying to teach you. You will start to identify your innate intelligence, take a look at choices you have made in life, and come closer to knowing who you are as a spiritual being on this physical journey.

Book Excerpts: (PDF format)

Part 1, Chapter 1 - Historical perspective of the development of Transpersonal Psychology and its connection to the healing process.

Part 2, Chapter 12 - Physical struggle, social rejection, & emotional pain.

Part 3, Chapter 1 - Putting into context our social need to understand who we are as we struggle to find a sense of direction for our lives.

Part 3, Chapter 2 - Understanding the impact of the human mind on the physical health of an individual.

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Other Books:

I am now working on a book I am calling, "The CHOICES we make, Why we make them".

The book seeks to develop our understanding of how the mind acquires basic belief systems, coping skills, defense mechanisms and survival skills.

The book is full of examples to enlighten and to help the reader to understand and modify behavior when desired. The potential to raise the individual to a fuller understanding of their behavior and to be in control of daily choices is a goal of this book.

I feel that by developing our consciousness and awareness about life that we will be able to make better choices. We can do the things necessary to keep us out of harms way. We can understand ourselves and others better. By knowing our strengths and developing personal power we have the potential for success and happiness.

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